Sunday, November 16, 2014

Meet Scott Andrews, the Deceiver in THE DECEPTION

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They're out there. The lying, cheating, scumbags. The players. Married men who put themselves out as single men. And like the predators they are, they prey on single women, looking for lasting relationships.

Scott Andrews is one of those predators. A handsome and charming software engineer, Scott can, and does, pass himself of as a single man, presenting himself as the perfect catch for a single woman looking for Mr. Right. Unfortunately for them, Scott's married, but he doesn't let that minor detail stand in his way, nor does he reveal it to the women he meets.

Scott is introduced to Carrie, the leading lady, by a mutual friend. He presents himself as a single man, as usual, and he hasn't just fooled Carrie, he's fooled their mutual friend, Allison, as well. Not only does Allison believe that Scott is single, she thinks he might be a good match for Carrie, who's still recovering from an earlier breakup. Scott quickly takes advantage of an all too vulnerable Carrie, but it won't take long for her to realize things just aren't adding up. By then it will too late, and the consequences will leave her life shattered.

Scott is inspired by someone I once knew, and by stories other women have told me. He may be a fictional character, but there are, unfortunately, many real life Scotts out there. Stay safe, ladies.


Friday, October 31, 2014

State Fair Video Shoot

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Sometimes you have to take a good hard look at things and realize that when something isn't working you have to throw it out and begin again. Such is the case with my book trailers. The slide-show videos, which may have worked at one time, no longer work. Nowadays I'm seeing book trailers that are little cinematic works of art and look just like movie trailers. Wow. So once again I'm calling on Rob Resetar, who produced my meet the author video a few months ago. This time we'll be doing something more sophisticated. Something you, the fans, will love. We'll be doing live-action book trailers with scenes from my books, starting with The Deception.

The Deception opens at the Arizona State Fair. Carrie Daniels, the leading lady, and her long-time boyfriend, Doug, have been attending the state fair every year for the past ten years. Only this time will be different. As soon as they get off the roller coaster, Doug will give Carrie the shock of her life.

Photo by Marina Martindale
So now the fun begins. We needed footage of a roller coaster, and as luck would have it, this just happens to be the final week of the Arizona State Fair. Time to grab our cameras and take a run up to Phoenix. It's been years since I attended the state fair, and I'd forgotten not only the sights, but the sounds and the smells. However I was a good girl, and I refrained from diving into the turkey legs, corn dogs, cotton candy or funnel cakes. (Wasn't easy.) I'm also recovering from an injury from a fall I had a few weeks ago, and as much as I wanted to, I haven't recovered enough yet ride the roller coasters. (Dang it.) However photography is one of my favorite hobbies, so while Rob was busy shooting footage for the video I got my camera out and I had a blast shooting photos. 
Photo by Marina Martindale

It will be a few weeks before the video is finished, but rest assured once it's done I'll post it here. We'll also be doing a new trailer for The Reunion, along with a trailer for The Journey, and my current work in progress, The Betrayal. Stay tuned.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Meet Laura Palmer, the Likable Villian from THE REUNION

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Sometimes certain characters can be problematic because of who they are. Such was the case for Laura Palmer, Ian Palmer's ex-wife in The Reunion.

We all know that in real life, ex-spouses can be a headache, so it would have been all too easy for me to make Laura into a stereotypical bitch. But then again, life isn't always what we expect, and being eternal optimist that I am, I'd like think there are some ex-spouses out there who are like my late grandmother--good people trying to make the best out of awkward situations. Besides, I didn't want to make Laura too common and too predictable.

Laura bursts onto the scene as soon as she learns about her ex-husband's new romance. Of course she wants to check out Gillian, the leading lady. Her motive, however, isn't a scheme to try to win Ian back. She's found someone else. She doesn't want Ian back. Her motive is her children, and because she's a good mother she wants to meet with Gillian to draw up the "ground rules" regarding the kids. Naturally, she'll bring up Ian during the conversation. Laura is nothing if not direct.

As the story unfolds readers will see Laura not as a witch, but as a woman mislead into a marriage by a man who now admits he married her for all the wrong reasons. She may have looked like Gillian, but she wasn't Gillian, and for too many years he made her miserable because of it. Fortunately for Laura, she's found happiness with her finance, Will, and she's built a new life for herself, helping him run a horse ranch near Steamboat Springs. For a "villain" she came out surprisingly likable.


Monday, September 8, 2014

Romance Reviews Fall into Love Party

Sorry to be late with this post. The hint for the Romance Reviews Fall into Love Party can be found in Chapter One of The Reunion. Please click on the link above and good luck with the contest.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Okay, So Maybe It Was Watching Detective Shows, Along with Those Soap Operas

Funny the things that inspire us as writers. Back in December, 2012, I posted about how many years of watching soap operas has influenced my writing. (Blame It On Too Many Soap Operas and My Misspent Youth.) Yes, growing up in the golden age of television had an effect on me, but it wasn't just watching the soaps. I watched a lot of detective shows too. I was even reminiscing about it the other day with a friend.

As a teen and young adult, I loved watching Columbo and the original Hawaii Five-O. Both shows were very well written, and even though both used formula writing, the scrips were still good enough to keep me coming back week after week. And, unlike detective shows of today, there were no overtly graphic images. No bodies laid out on the autopsy table. No gory, mutilated or half burned corpses appearing on camera. Good writing doesn't need that kind of visual imagery. Facial expressions or comments made by other characters will tell us what we need to know, and our imaginations can do the rest--probably better than the guy who designed that fake corpse.

What made Columbo great was the bumbling title character, brilliantly portrayed by the late Peter Falk, along with all the bad guys who thought they could outsmart him. What made the show fun was the way Lt. Columbo solved the crime by seizing on some obscure, overlooked detail that even surprised the audience. And along with spectacular scenery, Hawaii Five-O also had well thought out plot lines. While the characters may have been as well developed as Lt. Columbo, there was one unforgettable nemeses named Wo Fat. Kudos to the script writers of both.

Crime stories make for great drama as they create the ultimate conflict. That's why I've always included crime subplots in my novels. Whether it's Gillian's murderous ex-husband on a rampage in The Reunion, Scott's jilted wife's twisted scheming in The Deception, or the revenge seeking Denise wreaking havoc in The Journey, these crime subplots create the tension, and the drama, that keeps you turning the pages. Look for more in my next novel, The Betrayal. Until then, happy reading. (And by the way, you can rent old episodes of Columbo and Hawaii Five-O from Netflix.)


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Meet Allison Santiago, Supporting Character from THE DECEPTION

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Someone reviewing The Deception once commented about how we should all be so lucky to have friends like Steve and Allison, two of the supporting characters. Well, guess what? I really do have friends who are just like Steve and Allison, that's why I'm paying homage to them in the book.

Allison Santiago has known Carrie Daniels, the leading lady, since high school, and their friendship has lasted into adulthood. That friendship, however, will be soon put to the test when Allison introduces Carrie to Scott, a man she's also known for several years. Allison thinks he might be a good match for Carrie, who's recently ended a long-term relationship. But unbeknownst to Allison, Scott has a secret, and it could be Carrie's undoing.

Allison was inspired by several of my friends, but she resembles one woman in particular. She's much like her literary counterpart as she's been steadfastly loyal friend for almost ten years now, and she's someone I can always count on. Friends like her may be hard to find, but they really are out there.